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"The Jack Piece"

This Neoprene hoodie features front zip pockets with an option to unzip the side panels to create a unique look.  The significance of this Okito piece resides in the exclusive Jack Devereux artwork.  A great attribute of the artwork is identifying the hidden symbols representing Okito, Utah and Jack Devereux. Other details include a woven panel on the sleeve and a signature Okito X Jack Devereux logo on the lower back.



After much thought, Okito brand was founded in 2014. Our purpose is to deliver comfortable and unique clothing apparel for people who seek to be represented well by their style. We take much pride in our choice of fabrics and designs while using superior cuts and sewing techniques. The okapi is our featured logo which embodies our Congolese roots and defines the rarity of our products. Our final signature pieces are great representation of our motto,

“From Thought to Finish.”