The Okito rose started as a dream. The dream was put into a thought, a thought into an action and that action is the finished “Upendo” bomber jacket. From Thought To Finish! 

The “Upendo” bomber jacket is a unique creation that Okito had yet to venture into. Initial thoughts were to put the Okito rose on a tri-blend Tee or as an accent down a long sleeve but, the pieces wouldn’t have been bold enough. The peachy satin base fabric with red accents on the bomber jacket set off the Okito rose perfectly. To add to the audacious piece, I decided to place a print liner inside giving the jacket the final IT factor.

As always, I tie the Congolese culture and roots of Okito into every piece, which is where the name “Upendo” was derived. “Upendo” means love in Swahili, which could not be a better fit for a rose-themed bomber jacket. Swahili is one of the native languages of where our signature logo, the Okapi, is native to. 

Shoutout to everyone rockin’ the “UPENDO”! 

Gabriel OkitoComment