Okito X Jack Devereux


Okito would like to formally introduce to you, Jack Devereux. He is a single line artist, native to Dunedin, New Zealand but currently living in Australia. Jack compares his own single line artistry to freestyle hip-hop. "It is quick, vulnerable to mistakes, engages the crowd and is devoid of any second thought on his part." One of his goals as an artist is to make the journey of the art as important as the work itself. Inspired since a young age, doodling in his notebooks at school, Jack pursues his art career masterfully as he creates perfectly flawed art by combining facial portraits and never lifting his pencil one time.


The connection between Okito and Jack Devereux was instantaneous. In a recent interview with Jack, he said "the last thing I ever thought I would be doing is a collab with a clothing brand in Utah." But, it happened, and then the "The Jack Piece" happened and it is extraordinary. With little direction of what Okito wanted in the collaboration, Jack delivered a resonating piece of art that is meaningful, real and genuine. If you take a close look, you'll identify the correlations of Utah, DR Congo, New Zealand, and Okito brand in one Jack Devereux art piece. The drawing is placed front and center on a Neoprene hoodie, with side panel zippers, front zip pockets and Okito X Jack Devereux collaboration details found throughout. This Okito piece is one of a kind, never to be duplicated and will always be treasured. We are excited to see how you guys will rock it!

If you can't tell already, Okito is a HUGE fan of Jack Devereux - not only as an artist but a human. He is extremely sincere and like many of us, finding his own way in the world - one dope art piece at a time. If you're interested in your own art piece from Jack, check out his IG page @sketches_and_skengs.

Written by: Leah B.

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